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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 25, 2012 2:00pm-3:47pm EDT

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us by bringing us down here will give us a memory that will live in our hearts forever. [cheers and applause] watching on television watching on television i have qiviut i have given you this one. , i have given you this. some say this is something no one bothers to read and it does not amount to much. i believe the republican party has a platform that is a banner of unmistakable callers with no pastel shade. -- colors with no pastel shade.
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we have just heard a call to arms based on that platform. a call to us to be successful in communicating and repealing the difference between this platform and the platform of the opposing party, nothing but a be issue and a running up a late show. [cheers and applause] i had an assignment the other day. some asked me to write a letter for a time capsule that will be opened in los angeles 100 years from now. it sounded like an easy assignment.
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at the down th, looking blue pacific. i cannot help but wonderful it would be that beautiful 100 years from now. you are going to write for people 100 years from now to know all about us. we know nothing about them. we do not know what kind of a world they will be living in. suddenly i thought that they will be the domestic problems which the president spoke here tonight. the erosion of freedom that has taken place. the invasion of private rights. these are our challenges.
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there is that challenge that we live in a world in which the great powers have aimed at each other, horribles of missiles of destruction, corbeil weapons that can within minutes destroy. suddenly it dawned on me those would read this 100 years from know whetherwhethe the missiles are fired, whether they have the freedoms we have known will depend on what we do here. will they look back with appreciation? it kept our world of nuclear
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destruction. it spoke of individual freedom. they will not be allowed to talk of that. this is our challenge. this is why here in this hall tonight, a better than we have done before, we have to quit talking to and about each other and go out and communicate to the world that we may be fewer in numbers and we have ever been but we carry the message they are waiting for. we must go forth from here united, determined. there is no substitute for victory. [cheers and applause]
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>> tamara de but leventhal looks at the funding of the 2012 conventions. we discussed the impact of the decision in the citizens united case and impact of super pacs. "washington journal" a 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. ron paul will hold a "we are the future"rally.
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our live coverage begins at noon. after that we will preview this year's republican convention in tampa, florida. we will be live from the tampa bay forum with a look ahead at the convention scheduled and more. join us live at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. in today's comment coverage begins on this year's republican convention in tampa. your front row seat to the conventions. presidential speeches by henry cabot lodge in 1960. 0. now henry cabot lodge.
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he accepted this after leaving his position of ambassador to the united nations. he was the running mate of richard nixon. >> fellow delegates, fellow americans, you have given a great honor on me. i am conscious of my limitations. it is an honor. many men are more deserving than
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i. i thank you. it will compel me to expend every ounce of energy that i have in this campaign. during the past few days when i could not be here, i have watched the proceedings on television as often as i could. i want to say that i have never seen a convention conducted in such an interesting way, and accomplished as much as this
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convention did. he has organized a convention which will live long in the annals of american politics. we live in a world so full of hate that we must pull together about the issues with the greatest seriousness and candor. the world is dangerous because small groups of men have acquired control of enormous resources and seek to put them wholeheartedly at the service of which teachescoult them to take over the world. it has become obvious to them
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that an intent to do so by a military force will bring about their own devastation. they then resort to threats, hate propaganda, and midnight treachery. we could lose our country into the audio ways. all at once or gradually by being isolated. we are not going to lose our country. we are going to keep our country. going to do it using the strength and talents which god gave us to build a world in which freedom will be secure, a world in which the rights of small nations will be
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respected, a world of open society that practices tolerance and are devoted to the dignity of man. thus we approach the future not claiming for ourselves and a super human goodness, i think all we are finishing a full year's -- 8 full years in which dwight eisenhower can take honest pride. i conclude tonight with the admiration. these have been eight years in
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which our house has been put in order our nations have grown stronger. although the world is full of danger and mystery we appear to be a little closer. i point to the specifics. the fact that americans are not now in combat anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause] largely because the united nations withdrew american leadership is able to take steps to avoid war. then there is the fact that the chairman recognizes that a nuclear war would be a disaster
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and more appalling than world war ii. that is something which stalin will never admit then there is the fact that in eight years the united nations has had a great influence. -- enabled it to play a part in stepping out of the snuffing out ththe wars. the great american has given such great leadership. [cheers and applause]
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with all this in the background and with far reaching changes, we wish to persuade our fellow citizens to entrust us with the united states government. it may offer a program and demand. our programs make clear hathat e must build a future in which the american people will need to makdefend their freedom to makea flourish. we shall strengthen the military power including the overwhelming economic power in back of its with guarantees and no nation will ever dare attack it.
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we must constantly improve the kind of community we have here in america. the world will null that we practice what we preach. we cared deeply that our children be well educated. our farmers have the future. there will be wages for all. people can live their lives and our cities and that there are never ending opportunities for you. it is imperative that women an
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will be recognized without prejudice because of race, creed, and color. this recognition is a matter of justice at home. our interest abroad [unintelligible] it demanded that we show america as she is and as she should be. within the limits of our own resources, we can help the old american pioneers, the neighbor who helps because he likes his fellowman. house and given him the partnership.
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we must do all these things while safeguarding the purchasing power of our dollar. [cheers and applause] while relentlessly insisting on efficient management and while encouraging the high productivity of our working men and women. we shall make the most of our model system. can we do all that? of course we can. we can do what ever we need to do. we are more than a program. we offer a man to carry it out. [cheers and applause]
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we offered richard nixon. he is a remarkable human being. he is uniquely experienced in governments. he is immensely intelligent and talented. he reveres deeply and expresses thoughtfully the strengths of america and american ideals. he stands out in any group or person gathered together for a serious purpose. he does not get rattled.
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he is not merely experienced, on his experience and talents, i submit there is no man in america who could represent us in the turmoil of world politics and i include the soviet union and the rest of the communist empire as richard nixon could do. we have been in government for quite a while. we have been in congress together. he was in the house and i was in the senate. then he came to the senate. we were there together. we have had eight years together.
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he is a man that you like. you feel warmly about him. you enjoy being with him. some years ago, i am invited him to meet some of the representatives of foreign government at the united nations. he came into the room and there were men there from countries that all around the globe. to every man he had something to say that showed real intimate knowledge of that country's problems. he knew somebody in that country. he showed friendship and warm. if you could see the expressions on the representatives of the stations. it made you realize what a tremendous asset this man can be representing the united states before the world.
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my fellow americans, the basic concept in the world today is not partisan rivalry between republicans and democrats. the basic context is the struggle between the communists on the one hand and those who insist on being free in the other. this is what gives this election of 1960 and overwhelming importance to us into the world. the world is watching this election. it imposes on us all the duty to give nothing less than our very ablest, our most experienced,
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are most -- our most talented. lastly, we must do nothing less than our best. ultimately we will win the struggle or victory will in the dust. we must be true to our own ideas. the declaration of independence would tell us all men are created equal and are entitled to life and the pursuit of happiness. happiness as the individuals and not as government prescribed it.
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we must strive to fill the purposes of our religious heritage which tells us to do comely withwalk calml our god. we are our brother's keeper. we must love our neighbor as ourselves. with these troops in our hearts, we do not need to limit that we have no natural -- we have the most glorious purposes of any nation in the history. these are purposes which gives
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hope to the world for all future times. to live up to those purposes, to care deeply and enthusiastically. it should be our great privilege enjoyed. that is the. . it is a good. for america. -- that is the spirit. it is a good spirit for america. i believe in our cause. i believe in america.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> tomorrow, dave leventhal looks at the funding of the 2012 convention. david bosi discusses the impact of super pacs. in the influence on regulated money. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> he was a running mate with presidential candidates dwight
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eisenhower. [no audio] obama >> we're having some problems with the audio.
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we will try to fix it as soon as we can and bring it back to you. >> our countdown to the convention continues until our gavel-to-gavel coverage of the republican convention.
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featured speakers include jeb bush, chris christie on tuesday, congressman paul ryan delivers his speech on wednesday. use our convention hall to watch exclusive video feeds, add your comments, and connect with other viewers all at c- >> we will have the previous of the convention live starting at 5:00 eastern with the rnc chairman. we will take a look at the schedule ahead and get a view from the floor and more.
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>> tomorrow dave leventhal. he will look at the funding of the 2012 political conventions. and the impact of super packs. he will discuss the influence of unregulated money. all of that's on "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. ahead of the republican national convention, we are about 10 blocks away from the forum for the convention will be held.
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other groups of the protesting outside the convention. we're taking a look at the mobil broadcast news of bus. c-span is bringing live coverage here in tampa up. a group here is calling themselves the "occupied the rnc." they have created what they call romneyville. and number of the groups include the poor people's human rights campaign. this is private property near the convention center. it is not the green zone ordinance which is closer. tomorrow we are going to be taking a look at another rally being hosted by congressman ron paul of texas.
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he will be in tampa, florida as well taking a look at his own policies and proposals for his own presidential campaign. we will have a preview of the convention tomorrow starting live at 5:00 p.m. eastern with the rnc chairman. they will take a look at the schedule ahead and also a view from the floor. that starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern. the rnc convention begins monday. anne romney will appear tuesday night. you can check everything out on our convention hub.
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send your thoughts our way using the has tacked #cspanrnc. you can also visit c- it can also check out past rnc speeches. he accepted the nomination and ran with republican presidential nominee richard nixon. ♪
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>> mr. chairman, ladies and gentlemen, before i make these few remarks i would like to introduce my wife judy and half of my children, my oldest
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daughter and my middle daughter. pamela and sue agnew.
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mr. chairman and my fellow republicans and my fellow americans, i stand here with a deep improbability of this moment. last night when i faced these microphones to place the nomination, one of the truly great americans of our time, richard nixon, i honestly had no idea whatsoever that i would be back on this platform to accept
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this nomination tonight. obviously, i have had no time to prepare a profound message. i do want to emphasize my awareness that i have with this high office, excepting a tremendous responsibility to the party and all americans. what can i bring to this moment on behalf of our party in the presidential nominee? perhaps a few objective is born of deep conviction. the objective to analyze and to help solve the problem of this nation without dependence on the philosophies of liberalism
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or conservatism. the objective to avoid the currently popular concept that the only purpose of government is to spend money. and that all spending in a good cause is or the whether or not it will get -- is were the whether or not it would get results. that ratio discrimination and an equal job opportunities must be om thatted no matter howh displeases. [cheers and applause] theelieve quite compatible y observation that anarchy or even
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civil disobedience has no constructive purpose in a constitutional republic. i look forward to sharing an administration in which a president will entrust his vice president with vital responsibilities for the great problems of this state and city. i have a strong belief that changes must be made and that the nixon administration will make those changes. i am positive that there is a better way to balance the complex relationships between federal, state, and local government that is presently
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being exercised. i know the federal government must work more constructively, more creatively, and more simply a in meeting the problems of prejudice and poverty in our cities. i know that there is a bright world of ideas for cities such as cultural, commercial, industrial centers and satellite cities that we're only beginning to explore. i know that america is reaching for the frontiers of space and i am for it. i know we must also treat generously be old, the sick, and the port. we must help build pride in black community and make black
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americans partners in our system. i also note that more important than words in this campaign and the next administration will be the kind of action that follows from involvement in the problems and from the closest kind of relationship with the people who are involved in the problems. i will be speaking with those who are dealing with these great problems every day with the mayors like my good friend john. the governors, the county executives. i will be searching out their views and priorities.
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one last word about the campaign we are about to begin. i am dedicated to a hard campaign, one that reaches into every area of the country and set of circumstances, a campaign that brings a message of change to all the people of america. that will lead from the top of the ticket to the bottom to a great decision for change in november. [cheers and applause] i feel that the vice-president must represent more than a region. or a special interests. we're a lot to people lived is where a lot of people think. i feel more important on a
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national ticket in a partnership of political expediency is an alliance of ideals, more important in contrast of view is not a single focus. the american people are a great people, proud of their individuality and diversity. our strength is in unity. a unity of leadership is imperative to restore the unity of america. unity in our relationships depends on unity of leadership. richard nixon offers that kind of leadership. i am honored to share and in it. i want to assure you of one thing. as a political animal and a
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relatively sensitive individual who hopes he will never lose his sensitivity, i am not unaware of what took place in this great convention hall at night. i am aware that the reasons that motivated were not directed at me in any personal since and were merely responsive of the opinions of those that took part in nomination of that great governor of michigan in whom i consider my personal friend, governor romney. those motives or simply to provide the strongest tickets on the republican party in november.
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i recognize also that a vice presidential nominee does not come to be successful fruition of is domination by virtue of his personality or his attractiveness or his ability to generate a wave of enthusiasm on his own. he comes here because he is the selection of the man who does all of those things on his own, the presidential nominee. i am privileged that the great future president of the united states, richard nixon, has seen fit to invest in me his confidence to do the job. i will not be satisfied under any circumstances until i prove
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to you that i am capable of doing the job for the republican party and the american people in november. [cheers and applause] i am an unknown quantity to many of you. i can only tell you of my dedication to work with republican ticket and principles for a balance of the election. it is my hope that when i visit your state you will allow me to contribute in the way you consider most of official to that purpose we all endorse,
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that we all aspire to, total change to a completely republican dominated political family, county, state, city, and federal in november. >> during this weekend, we are taking a look back at past rnc speeches. in this next one we will hear from herbert hoover who spoke at the 1960 republican convention in chicago were the nominees were hearing nixon -- richard nixon and henry cabot lodge.
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>> the convention has been interrupted slightly by the crowd around the new york delegation. here's governor rockefeller of new york. we are anticipating the arrival of former president hoover. are clearing the way.
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the photographers were dispersed. they areng a red caps. >> the first plan was to have mr. hoover addressed the nation. he is 85. he is still pretty spry. he decided to come here in person. he and harry truman, the only two and living ex-president, have come to become very good friends. they have even spoke of forming a union. while others have had cities came from him, he has had his
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name associated with the depression. >> governor rockefeller hidden for the moment behind the sign for new jersey.
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a pretty good demonstration is getting under way. this is the same beehive we saw two weeks ago. >> we said we did not know what it was. we got about a thousand wires and we were being pretty ignorant. >> these delegates have been waiting.
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>> would you take your banners back to their station please so we could listen to our lovely chief? showed him all the respect we have for him. would you take the banners back to your station, please? thank you. >> we ported earlier that the texans planned to yell "viva" whenever they were pleased.
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>> this is a demonstration of friendship. it symbolizes the great love in my heart. in each of your last conventions, - 3 conventions i have said goodbye. they did not stick. [cheers and applause] i have been bombarded with
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requests to do it again for the fourth time. it is the merkel comes to me from -- into some merkel comes to me from the great lord, this is finally its. it would be unworthy of this great gathering if i came to receive your expressions of goodwill. when i was a boy i was sent regularly to a meet. they would hold sections and silence. silence. occasionally the spirit moved.
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she said she was going to speak her mind. she dealt with moral delinquency. and loved america. come 4th of july, she sat on the every yearwhere the countryside at third with reverence. on those occasions, she even tolerated the presence of the only democrat in our village. she was speaking her mind on the ideas that shape our nation.
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i do not need to tell you that today our country is faced with the greatest dangers from overseas in all of our history. i will not comment on the great dangers. we are confronted with the many issues which affect all of o ur lives. as i look back over my long
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years i have come to believe that certain forces that are embedded in the soul of america are more importance than all of these other issues. the day at the base -- they lay at the solution orf all issues. i hope it will be believed that i speak not alone but to all of my country. do not be alarmed. i can speak my mind on this subject in just 10 minutes.
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today america is in the middle of a moral slump. during the 14 years following the end of the second world war, our statistics show that there is an increase of three times as fast as the population, and during the same time, our cities have infested -- ben infested with teenage gangs. 40,000 of these youngsters were arrested by the police. beyond the terrifying warnings of statistics, we could hardly believe that moral cutbacks are
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increase when we witnessed the municipal corruption of states and read headlines in the press and exposing corrupt practices in some of our nation wide services and fraudulent practices in some of our distributors of the daily necessities. bwe will ask [unintelligible] also, our hearts have been rubble in the punishment by procedures of which one example will be sufficient for year. in a recent here, there were over 1 million, 700,000 largely unknown to the fbi, yet there
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were only 170,000 convictions, that is only one in 10. also, some part of this decline in moral is communist russia. i do not need to remind you that the doctrine of crown marks is a total destroyer of all morals. they declare there is no god, they stigmatize religious faith as an opiate of the people, and lenin declared that foreign policy must be based on tricks and untruths. during the 14 years since the war, these communist conspiracies have poured these poisons into our business, and we have also been brainwashed
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by another communist basic tenet. they insist that live -- love of country [unintelligible] ever since the war, the communist fronts have conducted a national chorus of denunciation of this wicked nationalism. [applause] our religious and [unintelligible] are getting devoted services to halt this slump in morals. they need our assistance. there is a latent form in american life that could be of
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vital health. this nation needs a rebirth of a great spiritual court which has been impaired by its citizens, and we can buy for an infection. you can call it nationalism if you will, but there is an american nationalism, which is neither insulation ism, nor of aggression, and in bed deep in -- and in the deep end, this press both at home and abroad. [applause] is the kind of nationalism which recognizes change in the world, and requires that we need them with forward-looking measures, that the spiritual force with which i speak is also
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enshrined in one word, and edward is america. we do not -- that one word is america. we do not use that as a geographical term. at one time, and even now, that would summon to mind the background of our country. america recalls that millions of people, over 300 years, have saw our shores as a refuge from oppression. to these millions, but one of america came to mean a civilization [unintelligible] 4 century, the word america, -- for centuries, the word america, has been an emblem of hope, of more security in life, and more freedom.
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and this word brings back to our minds the great men and women who won for us our independence and then created a government unique among nature. this word means that our wars were not saw for glory of war, but for freedom. it means the country where the doors of opportunity are open to every boy and girl. it means law and order, freedom of choice. it means a glorious the advancement of the civilization. -- strides in the investment of civilization. the word and braces freedom, springing from our mountains and plains, falling into our mighty rivers, which refreshes not only our own people, but the whole of
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mankind. [applause] today, we alone among nations, have a multitude of citizens who have sunk to light posture of perpetual apology and seeming shame for our country, and yet today, the fires of nationalism are burning brightly in every nation on earth. we have witnessed the spirit of nationalism give birth to the independence of one dozen nations in the last 10 years, and within the last five years, we have seen the enormous revival of rights. now, i do not pretend to you that a rebirth of that. to which lies within the word of
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america -- spirit which lies within the word america will cure all of our else, but it might resurrect conscience, away from thought. it might make us recall the rights and ideals of our people. it might stimulate a new enterprise in the tens of thousands of our youth who are in fear of the future, seeking refuge in the bureaucracies of industry and government. a revival of the meaning of the word america might insist on a revision of our weekend -- weekend courses. it might give support to our
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defense of freedom. [applause] because i lament the eagles and the dangers which be set us, the evils and dangers which be set us, i would not have you believe that our nation is in decline or fall. the american people have rallied many times in our history to meet greater test than this, and they can be rallied -- tasks than this, and they can be rally began. [applause] my friends, you are convened here, and not alone to nominate a president and vice president, but to declare a new the principles and ideals which must guide our country. [applause]
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yours is the task to stop this moral reprieves, to lead the attack, and recapture the meaning of the word america. this is an opportunity and the spiritual opportunity of your children can be assured, and thus will when the -- win prosperity and the blessing of almighty god. thank you. [applause] >> as we take a look back today at past republican conventions, here is what is happening on the ground outside of the upcoming convention in tampa. this is the outpost of the group
3:11 pm
occupy the rnc, creating what they have called camp romney ville. the associated press says primarily labor organizations and groups that the groups that support president obama's policies will participate in the rally. you also see some planned parenthood representation, and some from occupy wall street. we will have a preview of the convention tomorrow starting live at 5:00 p.m. eastern time with rnc chairman reince priebus, with a look ahead at the schedule and a view from the floor and more. monday, the republican convention begins and the platform will be presented for a final vote. on monday evening, house speaker
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john boehner, florida governor rick scott, and senator rand paul of kentucky. tuesday, some of the featured speakers include ann romney, mitt romney's wife, bobby jindal, and the keynote address by chris christie. you can check out the convention hub and you can watch web-exclusive video feeds act during this weekend ahead of the republican national convention, we are taking a look back at past rnc speeches, and in this next when. buchanan was at the republican convention in 1992 in -- in this next one, pat buchanan was at the republican convention in 1992, describing a religious
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war. >> well, we took the long way home, but we finally got here. and i want to congratulate president bush, and remove any doubt about where we stand. the primaries are over, the heart is strong again, and the buchanan brigades are enlistedall the way to a great comeback victory in november. [applause] >> my friends my friends -- like
3:14 pm
many of you last month, i watched that giant masquerade ball at madison square gardenwhere 20,000 radicals and liberals came dressed up as moderates and centrists in the greatest single exhibition of cross dressing in american political history. one by one, the prophets of doom appeared at the podium. the reagan decade, they moaned, was a terrible time in america, and the only way to prevent even worse times, they said, is to entrust our nation's fate and future to the party that gave us mcgovern, mondale, carter and michael dukakis
3:15 pm
where did they find these leaders? no way, my friends. the american people are not going to buy back into the failed liberalism of the 1960s and 70'sno matter how slick the package in 1992. [applause] hold it, my friends. in all, the malcontents of madison square garden notwithstanding, years.
3:16 pm
they were great years. you know it. i know it, and the only people carping critics who sat on the sidelines of history, jeering at modern time. ronald reagan. [applause] remember the timeout of jimmy carter's days of malaise, ronald reagan crafted the longest peacetime recovery in us history -- 3 million new businesses created, and 20 million new jobs. under the reagan doctrine, one by one, the communist dominos began to fall. first, grenada was liberated, by us troops.
3:17 pm
[applause] then, the red army was run out of afghanistan, by us weapons. in nicaragua, the marxist regime was forced to hold free electionsby ronald reagan's contra armyand the communists were thrown out of power. [applause] it was under our party that the berlin wall came down, and europe was reunited. it was under our party that the soviet empire collapsed, and the captive nations broke free.
3:18 pm
it is said that each president will be recalled by posteritywith but a single sentence. george washington was the father of our country. abraham lincoln preserved the union. and ronald reagan won the cold war. and it is time my old [applause] is just about time that my old colleagues, the columnists and commentators, looking down on us tonight from their anchor booths and sky boxes, gave ronald reagan the credit he deservesfor leading america to victory in the cold war. [applause]
3:19 pm
most of all, ronald reagan made us proud to be americans again. we never felt better about our country, and we never stood taller in the eyes of the world. [applause] but we are here, not only to celebrate, but to nominate. and an american president has many, many roles. he is our first diplomat, the architect of american foreign policy. and which of these two men is more qualified for that role? george bush has been un ambassador, cia director, envoy
3:20 pm
to china. as vice president, he co authored the policies that won the cold war. as president, george bush presided over the liberation of eastern europe and the termination of the warsaw pact. and mr. clinton? well, bill clinton couldn't find 150 words to discuss foreign policy in an acceptance speech that lasted an hour. [applause] as was said of an earlier democratic candidate, bill clinton's foreign policy experience is pretty much confined to having had breakfast once at the international house of pancakes. [applause]
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>> let's recall what happened. let's look at the record and recall what happened, under george bush, more human beings escaped from tyranny to freedom than in any other four-year period in history. [applause] for any man to call this a record of failure is cheap,
3:22 pm
political rhetoric politicians who only know how to build themselves up btearing america down, and we do not want that kind of leadership in the united states. [applause] the presidency, my friends -- the presidency is also an office the theodore roosevelt called america's bully pulpit, and harry truman said it was preeminently a place of moral leadership. george bush is a defender of right to life, and lifelong champion of the judeo christian values and beliefs upon which
3:23 pm
this nation was built. [applause] mr. clinton, however, has a different agenda. at its top is unrestricted abortion on demand. when the irish catholic governor of pennsylvania, robert casey, asked to say a few words on behalf of the 25 million unborn children destroyed since roe v wade, he was told there was no place for him at the podium of bill clinton's convention, no room at the inn. yet a militant leader of the homosexual rights movement could rise at that convention and exult -- "bill clinton and al gore represent the most pro lesbian and pro gay ticket in history."
3:24 pm
and so they do. bill clinton supports school choice, but only for state-run schools. parents who send their children to christian schools, or catholic schools, need not apply. > > boo. >> elect me, and you get two for the price of one, mr. clinton says of his lawyer spouse. and what does hillary believe? well, hillary believes that 12 year olds should have a right to sue their parents, and she has compared marriage as an
3:25 pm
institution to slavery and life on an indian reservation. well, speak for yourself, hillary. [applause] friends, this is radical feminism. the agenda clinton & clinton would impose on americaabortion on demand, a litmus test for the supreme court, homosexual rights, discrimination against religious schools, women in combatthat's change, all right. but it is not the kind of change america wants.
3:26 pm
it is not the kind of change america needs. and it is not the kind of change we can tolerate in a nation that we still call god's country. [applause] a president is also commander in chief, the man we empower to send sons and brothers, fathers and friends, to war. george bush was 17 when they
3:27 pm
bombed pearl harbor. he left his high school class, walked down to the recruiting office, and signed up to become the youngest fighter pilot in the pacific war. [applause] and mr. clinton? when bill clinton's turn came in -- [chantingg] i will tell you where he was. let me tell you where he was. i will tell you where he was.
3:28 pm
camebill clinton's time in vietnam, he sat up in a dormitory in oxford, england, draft. which of these two men has won the moral authority to call on risk? i suggest, respectfully, it is the patriot and war hero, navy lieutenant j.g. george herbert walker bush. [applause]
3:29 pm
my friends, this campaign is about philosophy, and it is about character, and george bush wins hands down on both counts and it is time all of us came home and stood beside him. chose albert gore. and just how moderate is prince albert? well, according to the taxpayers union, al gore beat out teddy kennedy, two straight years, for the title of biggest spender in the senate. and teddy kennedy isn't moderate
3:30 pm
about anything. and i am not kidding. how many other 60 year-old do you know that still go to florida for spring break? [applause] out that that great big costume party in new york, mr. gore made ahenceforth, he said, the
3:31 pm
"central organizing principle" of all governments must be -- the environment. wrong, albert. the central organizing principle of this republic is freedom. [applause] and from the ancient forests of oregon, to the inland empire of california, america's great middle class has got to start standing up to the environmental extremists who put insects, rats and birds ahead of families, workers and jobs. [applause] one year ago, my friends, i --
3:32 pm
[applause] one year ago, i here. i was then still just one of many panelists on what president bush calls "those crazy sunday talk shows." but i disagreed with the president, and so we challenged the president in the republican primaries and fought as best we could. from february to june, he won 33 primaries. i can't recall exactly how many we won. but tonight i want to talk to the 3 million americans who
3:33 pm
voted for me. i will never forget you, nor the great honor you have done me. but i do believe, deep in my heart, that the right place for us to be nowin this presidential campaignis right beside george bush. [applause] the party is our home, this party is where we belong. and don't let anyone tell you any different. yes, we disagreed with president bush, but we stand with him for freedom to choice
3:34 pm
religious schools, and we stand with him against the amoral idea that gay and lesbian couples should have the same standing in law as married men and women. we stand with president bush for right to life, and for voluntary prayer in the public schools, and against putting american women in combat. and we stand with president bush in favor of the right of small towns and communities to control the raw sewage of pornography that pollutes our popular culture. we stand with president bush in favor of federal judges who interpret the law as written, and against supreme court justices who think they have a
3:35 pm
mandate to rewrite our constitution. [applause] my friends, this election is about much more than who gets what. it is about who we are. it is about what we believe. it is about what we stand for as americans. there is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of america. it is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we will one day be as was the cold war itself. and in that struggle for the soul of america, clinton & clinton are on the other side, and george bush is on our side.
3:36 pm
[applause] and so, we have to come home, and stand beside him. [applause] my friends, in those 6 months, from concord to california, i came to know our country better than ever before in my life, and i collected memories that will be with me always. there was that day long ride through the great state of georgia in a bus vice president bush himself had used in 1988a bus they called asphalt one. the ride ended with a 9:00 p.m.
3:37 pm
a town called fitzgerald. there were the workers at the james river paper mill, in the frozen north country of new hampshirehard, tough men, one of whom was silent, until i shookthen he looked up in my eyes and said, "save our jobs." there was the legal secretary at the manchester airport on christmas day who told me she was going to vote for me, then broke down crying, saying, "i've lost my job, i don't have any money.
3:38 pm
they're going to take away my what am i going to do?" my friends, even in tough times, edmund burke, but they came from the same schoolyards andthey share our beliefs and convictions, our hopes and our dreams. they are the conservatives of the heart. they are our people. and we need to reconnect with them. we need to let them know we know they're hurting. they don't expect miracles, but they need to know we care. [applause] there were the people of
3:39 pm
hayfork, the tiny town high up in california's trinity alps, a town that is now under a sentence of death because a federal judge has set aside 9 million acres for the habitat of the spotted owlforgetting about the habitat of the men and women who live and work in hay fork. and there were the brave people of koreatown who took the worst of the la riots, but still live and who still believe deeply in the american dream. friends, in those wonderful 25 weeks, the saddest days were the days of the bloody riot in la, the worst in our history. but even out of that awful hope. hours after the violence ended
3:40 pm
i visited the army compound in south la, where an officer of the 18th cavalry, that had come to rescue the city, introduced me to two of his troopers. years old. story. they had come into la late on the 2nd day, and they walked up a dark street, where the mob had looted and burned every building but one, a convalescent home for the aged. the mob was heading in, to ransack and loot the apartments of the terrified old men and women.
3:41 pm
when the troopers arrived, m 16s at the ready, the mob threatened and cursed, but the mob retreated. it had met the one thing that could stop it: force, rooted in justice, backed by courage. [applause] greater love than this hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friend. here were 19 year old boys ready to lay down their lives to stop a mob from molesting old people they did not even know. and as they took back the streets of la, block by block, so we must take back our cities, and take back our culture, and take back our country.
3:42 pm
god bless you, and god bless america. [applause] >> tomorrow on "washington journal" dave leventhal looks at the funding of the political conventions. david bossie discuss is the impact of the citizens united case and the influence of super pacs in campaign 2012. and, a discussion of unregulated money in the campaign. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. tomorrow, 2012 republican presidential candidate ron paul will hold a rally at the university of south florida. our live coverage begins in noon eastern on and 3:00
3:43 pm
p.m. here on c-span. have said that, we previewed the republican convention with republican national committee chairman reince priebus. we will be live with a look at the schedule, of you from the floor of the convention hall, and more. join us live at 5:00 eastern on c-span. next, former president ronald reagan's republican prudential speech from 1992 in houston, texas, where he said america's best days are yet to come and the country remained the country of tomorrow. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [applause]
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>> thank you. [applause] thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you. [applause]
3:45 pm
>> thank you, ron. thank you, ron. >> thank you. thank you. [applause] >> we love you, ronald. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you.
3:46 pm
thank you, paul, for that kind introduction. and mr. chairman, delegates, friends, fellow americans, thank you so very much for that welcome. [applause] you've given nancy and me so many wonderful memories, so much of your warmth and affection, we cannot thank you enough for the honor of your friendship. over the years, i've addressed this convention as a private citizen, as a governor, as a presidential candidate, as a president and now, once again tonight, as private citizen ronald reagan. [applause]
3:47 pm
tonight is a very special night for me. of course, at my age, every night's a very special night. [applause] after all, i was born in 1911. indeed, according to the experts, i have exceeded my life expectancy by quite a few years. now, this is a source of great annoyance to some, especially those in the democratic party. [applause] but, here's the remarkable thing about being born in 1911. in my life's journey over these in my life's journey over these past eight decades, i have seen


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